Sex in Japan: Westerners, Women & The Way of Bushido

Samurai Sword - Way of Bushido - www.blackpassenger.comHow does the Bushido mentality of Japanese males help to make Western men an exciting sexual alternative for women in the Land of the Rising Sun?

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Taking another look into the influences at work in Black Passenger, Yellow Cabs, during this interview segment with Jamie Paquin the discussion ranges from how sex differs for these women with a Western man, to the male-dominant society that makes such erotic adventures possible for these gaijin with a yellow preference.

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6 Responses to Sex in Japan: Westerners, Women & The Way of Bushido

  1. Yamato_kev says:

    Yo Steph!
    Hope your bro.
    Just wanted to ask, what percentage was proportion of these tyoe of women are there in Japan? More specifically niisan how prevalent are these kind of relationships, ie, that is the emotional uninclined type, and/or the one’s that lack sensuality?
    Also is it more with a generation specific, as in, does this occur among わかもの 20-25 ぐらい?
    Also, though most nipponjin are wary of gaijin, does this kind of emotional aloofness make irt easier for gaijin to ‘get’ nippon women, from your exprience, as I remember from your book that you spent some time in inaka (ずいぶん暇だな。。。あの時)?


  2. Yamato_kev says:

    くそ!I meant hope your good brejrin.

  3. Yes Kev, what a gwaun? i interpret your question as, what percentage of japanese women are willing to have intimate relations with black or white or western men in general? that question is completely and absolutely irrelevant. never have i targeted women who were into a certain type of men. I simply chat women up on the train, or on the street or theyre my students, or my manager, or i meet them at the supermarket. some had prior relations with foreign men, black and white, but most had never been intimate with a foreigner. there are only 2m foreigners in japan, most of them chines. of the 45,000 americans, only about 5,000 African Americans (numbers from 6 years ago.) japan has a population of 126 m. from a probability stand point, if one goes out and chats up women everyday in japan, a very large percentage will have had noooooooooo prior intimate relations with a foreigner, an even larger percentage will have had no intimate contact with a Westerner, and a yet larger percentage will have had no prior intimate contact with Negroes, neither from the African, European nor American continent . so dont be concerned about the percentage of women who are into black men, or white men, or western or chinese men, or indian men. Mataku kankai nai. 全く関係ない!

  4. Yamato_kev says:

    Yes I!
    What I meant to ask niisan was; does the bushido principle that propagates the lack of sensuality or emotional connection in 男-女relations make it easier for gaijin (who speak some japanese) regardless of where they come from, to have platonic,sexual or romantic relations with women who have or haven’t had contact with foreigners?

  5. David says:

    A question. On the back of your book it says that you are “formerly from The Denver Post, The Rocky Mountain News, The Phoenix Gazette Republic, The San Francisco Chronicle and The San Jose Mercury News.” Google turns up zero hits for articles written by you for any of those publications. Did you write for them? Or were you affiliated with them in some other way?

    • blackpassenger64 says:

      I did not write for these newspapers. In fact, before I wrote this book the only thing I wrote of substance was my admission essay to UCLA in 1991. It took me 9 months and 14 drafts to write and got me into UCLA with a 2.7 gpa. Yes, I am very proud of that, considering I’m a high school dropout. I worked in product distribution at all those newspapers and was very keen on not giving anyone the impression that I was a writer at any of those publications. But I AM working on my second book as we speak. Please leave me an honest review on Amazon US & Canada after youve read Black Passenger. Thanks.

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