Filming Black Passenger…Guerilla Style

Camera - Film Shoot - FreeFoto.comWell, after many delays, actors schedule conflicts, script rewrites and location problems, filming for the pilot of the vook edition of Black Passenger finally got underway today. If you have no clue what a vook is, check out the site:

For those of you who have read the book, we are shooting the “Retreat to Kansai” chapter, but with minor changes for cinematic effect. You know how it is; the movie is always a little different from the book. We managed to shoot two out of three scenes and will start on the third scene hopefully next week.

Special thanks to Michael Lieba, who in between his gruesome full time job, his girlfriend, supermarket shopping and the general hustle and bustle of living in the big apple, found the time to write “Mistaken Identity”, the smashing script for that chapter. Michael is commissioned with the daunting task of writing the entire screenplay for Black Passenger and is already brimming with some good ideas.

Like the marketing of Black Passenger the book, the film of Black Passenger is straight guerilla style and all the actors and crew members were in fit physical condition, ready to sprint from the scene with all the equipment on their backs at the sight of the authorities. So far, my actors Mayuko and Kevin, did a wonderful job, and my director (who made the book trailer above) will make this look like a multimillion, if not a multibillion dollar project.

Ok, gotta get back to work, gotta check out the dailies, I’ll keep you posted. And don’t forget to ‘like’ the Facebook page and comment on this week’s topic if you want a chance to win a free eBook.

Photo credit: FreeFoto

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