Howard Stern Interview (Audio)

Howard Stern

Last year I had the unique experience of being interviewed by the legendary Howard Stern. During this roller coaster discussion about Black Passenger Yellow Cabs we covered race, sex, and the availability of women in Japan to the Western male.

Many of you have asked to hear this spot and finally we have it uploaded and ready to go. Enjoy.


The stream is also now up on the newly redesigned, along with much more information on the book and its influences. Take a look around and get in touch about anything you’d like to see on the new site.

You can also listen to the more in-depth interview recently recorded with Cyrus Webb on Conversations Live! radio. That’s up here.

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1 Response to Howard Stern Interview (Audio)

  1. Margaret Young says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Wood Yi was hilarious,,,,I think he was a Howard Stern Plant,,,for entertainment,,,hilarious…Stefhen???? You did it again…That was a very enjoyable 20 minutes of my life I did not mind giving up to you…Bravo!!!!!!!!

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