Audio Excerpts: The Making of a Rice King (part 1)

There are many ways to experience Black Passenger Yellow Cabs: Of Exile & Excess inShrine Photo Japan, from traditional paperback (currently available at a discounted holiday rate on here on to the digital era eBook and Kindle format (Kindle now at the amazing holiday offer of 99 cents – limited time!). Scenes are also being made for the new Vook, which I talked about recently here.

Many people also enjoy the audio book format, which is why I’ll be releasing excerpts of my reading of Black Passenger Yellow Cabs via these pages in the coming weeks. This one comes from the first chapter, the first half of Making of a Rice King. Detailing the beginnings of the book and the origins of the sexual addiction that drove me from Jamaica to Japan, this chapter sets the scene for the excess to come in the following chapters.

Audio book reading – Making of a Rice King (part one)

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