Black Passenger Extracts – “Retreat To Kansai”

‘Retreat To Kansai’ is the chapter of my book that will be the pilot episode for the Vook, which we looked at previously here.

Japanese Reggae GirlThis excerpt covers the meeting of a friend playing a surrogate sex role for a Japanese guy who met this ‘reggae groupie’ online. Charged with bringing back graphic footage for him, Chef takes on his sexual mission more than willingly…

“You’re waiting for me right?” he interrupted. To which she greeted him with the typical shy Japanese grin, unlike, he relayed, “a girl who was used to getting hosed down by reggae super stars.” Her personality then was 180 degrees different from her cyber-personality, not as extroverted as had been expected and she seemed to know her way around Kobe very well, leading him to a love hotel. Their conversation was sparse on the wayand though she was shy, she appeared to be on a mission: to enter the dark side.

Japanese Love HotelUpon arrival at the hotel she whipped out her cartoon character infested purse and inserted a 5,000 yen note in the slot, standing with her legs spread slightly apart and her toes turned inward. Immediately upon entering, he attached his lips to hers and commenced peeling away her layers until she stood only in her panties…”

To read the full chapter and more, you can pick up Black Passenger Yellow Cabs in paperback or on Kindle here on Amazon (US link, click here for other countries).

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