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Bronx River Road: 4th segment

INT. FATHER APT – morning TS Weeks pass. Dad and Mama Clar work day and night shift sometimes, so I never know when I’m gonna see them. Sometimes when I wake up in the mornings, daddy’s on his way to … Continue reading

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Bronx River Road (3rd Segment)

int. airport Steve walks through immigration and sees a big sign. ts Wow, welcome to the United States of America. That’s Jimmy Carter on the wall. Why didn’t we step out onto the tarmac? Where are all of the cameras … Continue reading

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Bronx River Road (The 2nd Segment)

INT. NEW TWO ROOM DWELLING – DAY TS I turn 9 years old. My mom treats it like any other day. But now, the church sisters think I’m too old to sleep in the same bed with mom. So they … Continue reading

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‘Bronx River Road.’ It’s written in screenplay format.

Int. one room dwelling – Jamaica – morning Steve, a 4-year-old Jamaican boy, sleeps in a small bed with his mom. Something painful pricks him and he wakes up. THOUGHT STREAM Oww! I hate this kaya mattress. Why do we … Continue reading

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